Spinning Tops

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The spinning top is one of the oldest toys, already widespread at the time of the Greeks and Romans. The traditional top is formed by a knob connected to a rod that allows the player to give a circular movement.

The spinning tops of the past were mainly made of wood or raw materials, while today they are often made of plastic or metal, more colorful and interactive. The spinning tops for children in fact have colorful patterns and emit sounds or jingles and, once launched, create colorful spirals.

How the spinning top works

The spinning top is a gyroscope, which is an object that rotates symmetrically with respect to its axis. The gyroscopic effect allows it to turn more and more inclined until the inevitable fall.

By rotating the top it gains inertia and the axis therefore tends to maintain the same vertical starting direction; for this reason, if we wanted to divert its movement, it would be necessary to apply a force to the axis that is greater the faster the movement is.

Play with spinning tops

The traditional spinning top game involves twisting a string to the pole creating a spiral, then releasing it forcefully; when played between several children, the game becomes that of eliminating spinning tops, whose purpose is therefore to drop the opposing top.

The Fidget Spinners have instead become the new generation tops; equipped with three rounded ends, the player uses a finger as the central pivot producing a movement that lasts longer than a traditional top.

For the little ones you can also find electronic tops on the market, where you just need to press the top of the toy to create a circular movement of the characters contained inside; these are usually small animals, flowers and colored objects.