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What is a long-sighted telescope?

A long-sighted telescope, also known as an observation telescope, is an optical instrument that facilitates long-range viewing by obtaining close-up views of distant objects. Thanks to their significant magnification, which can go from 20 to 80 times, they are more powerful than binoculars and offer the possibility of seeing in detail more than 1 km away. They are originally used for in-kind observations by ornithologists or naturalists because they make it easy to follow slow moving subjects. Nowadays, it is possible to find models of any range that offer everyone the opportunity to observe animals without disturbing them.

What are the different types of long sight?

There are different kinds of long sight depending on their intended use. For example, long dwarf views are the smallest with a magnification of up to 30 times: they are perfect for mountain treks due to their small size but their brightness is limited because of the small size of their diameter (less 60mm). The compact (diameter of 60 to 65mm) generally offer a good compromise between brightness and portability but you will also need a tripod. The standards allow a magnification of up to 50 times and a diameter of up to 80mm but their transportability is affected and it is essential to have a tripod and a stable fixation. Finally, the giant long views are the most impressive and the most powerful thanks to a high brightness, and are often used by professionals.

How to choose a long view?

What is your budget?

What will be the use?

Do you need zoom / variable magnification?

Remember to equip yourself with a tripod: this will be essential for most models.