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Squash is a sport derived from tennis and officially born in England in the nineteenth century. It is a racquet sport for two players, who have to direct, with a headshot, the rubber ball towards a limited area of ​​the wall in front of them. Fast and frenetic, it is played with a special racket with a very particular shape.

How to choose the squash racket

The squash racket is about the same length as a normal tennis racket, but it differs in shape: instead of being oval, it has a teardrop shape, in some cases almost triangular. The plate, that is the surface of the racket covered by ropes, is therefore smaller than that of a tennis racket and can reach a maximum of 525 square centimeters.

When choosing, one of the first criteria with which to orient oneself is the construction material. Squash rackets have undergone an evolution that has led to the replacement of wood with metals and alloys. Today most models are made of aluminum or graphite. Aluminum is heavier but is also more durable and is especially recommended for beginners. Not only because of the lower costs, but also because it will resist the impact with the walls, which is anything but improbable when you start practicing this sport. The graphite, however, lighter and more fragile, is indicated for the game of experts.

The feeling of weight and comfort, however, depends not only on the materials, but also on the shape of the racket, in particular the center of gravity that determines the balance of the tool. A racket with a center of gravity moved towards the plate will guarantee more powerful strokes but will also be heavier, while one with a barycentre moved towards the handle will be lighter: at least for beginners, it is advisable to choose models with a center of gravity towards the handle.

Finally, the plate's extension will influence the type of game: a large plate will provide more power, while a narrower plate will adapt to precision players.

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