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A good pillow is essential for a good night's sleep. You should give as much time to choosing a new pillow as choosing a new one. In order to have a good night's sleep and be refreshed, painless and ready for the day in the morning, it is necessary for the body to be in a good body position during the night. If the spine, shoulders, neck and head do not rest relaxed, you will roll and turn, wake up tired and suffer tension. With the right pillow, you can support your head and neck so that they are in a neutral, healthy position relative to the rest of the body. Find in our selection of different pillows for head and neck the models that will give you the greatest comfort and the best sleep.

The outer shell of the pillow is made of a variety of materials, including polyester, cotton, synthetic and 100% wool. For a luxurious feeling, there are also linen and satin as outer fabrics. Organic cotton, organic wool and bamboo fibers are excellent options for health and environmental conscious consumers. However, it is the filler that differentiates one pillow from the other and, in addition to sleeping comfort, also provides therapeutic properties such as allergen, microbe and moisture resistance.

Classic pillow cases are made from soft, lush feathers, down or a mixture of both. Mostly in this category goose down, so the insulating layer under the goose feathers, used. Other natural fillers are 100 percent cotton, new wool, linen, but also bamboo fibers and spelled fur - two modern fillings that relax the cervical vertebrae and have other therapeutic properties. Polyester and hollow fiber are relatively cheap synthetic fillers that are popular because of their low price and antiallergic properties. Memory foam pillows are popular because they adapt to your body and form solid, durable supports that help keep you neat and spine-oriented.

Choose a traditional pillow or neck pillow that actively aligns your spine while you sleep. The neck pillow is ideal for sleeping while sitting, for example on a long flight. It covers your neck, keeps your head upright and keeps your spine straight. Body pillows support the back, knees, hips and stomach and are something to snuggle up on. Choose the right type of pillow to relieve your spine and get an excellent night's sleep.
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