Steering Column Switches

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With a steering column switch various assemblies such as windscreen wipers, turn signals or lighting are addressed. There are simple switches that have only a single function, and combined switches that have several options for controlling the electrical parts. Install a new Steering Column Switch to operate additional functions or to replace a faulty component.

What is a steering column switch?

A steering column switch is mounted on the steering column of a vehicle between the steering wheel and the dashboard. It protrudes so far outward that it can be easily operated without removing the hands too far from the steering wheel, or without letting go of the steering wheel. On the steering column switch are rotary switches, rocker arms or buttons, which have different functions. Usually light, turn signals and windscreen wipers, but also cruise control, radio or telephone are controlled.

How to choose the appropriate steering column switch?

- For which vehicle is the steering column switch intended? Use original parts to carry out repairs on your vehicle. This ensures a smooth functioning of the new modules.

- Which functions should be controlled? The switches on the steering column switch can be wired with any modules. If you want to address additional devices, you need a steering column switch with further switching options and corresponding labeling. When tuning, you attach the label yourself.

- Which design do you prefer? There are ergonomically designed steering column switches and various models in very different shapes. Choose the model according to your requirements and the technical requirements.
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