Steering Wheel Covers

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The steering wheel cover is a car accessory that allows you to protect the steering body from sunlight, sweat and wear. It can increase your comfort both in summer and winter, protecting you from sunburn or chilblains. Moreover, thanks to a steering wheel cover you can improve your driving sensitivity by getting the right balance between grip and smoothness when maneuvering. Not surprisingly, it is also one of the most requested accessories by tuning or sports driving enthusiasts.

How to mount a steering wheel cover?

Before covering your steering wheel with a special cover, you will need to make sure you know its diameter accurately. In some cases it could be useful to measure also its thickness and its external circumference, above all if you intend to buy customized kits. The installation also depends on the design and the type of fabric: the universal models, being made of particularly elastic synthetic materials, are simply fitted together. Other models may require retention hooks to be fixed to the spokes, while in the case of a custom steering wheel cover you will instead have to take care of sewing the fabric around the crown.

How to choose a steering wheel cover?

- If you intend to use a steering wheel cover while driving, choose the one that best fits your style by checking the adherence and smoothness of the fabric. Instead, avoid the plush models, since they are only suitable for protection from sunlight with the vehicle stopped

- Prefer the thinner fabrics, as the increase in thickness could worsen the grip on the steering wheel

- If you prefer to buy a leather or leather-covered steering wheel cover, remember to always use riding gloves for a safer grip and avoid damaging the fabric with sweat