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In the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the nursery and in the basement: Storage boxes are always handy. Whether open or stacking, they bring storage space into every small space. Dirty linen, bed linen or shoes are stowed in a space-saving way and bring more openness and visual size.

However, storage boxes are not the only solution for accommodating clothing: they are also ideal for protecting against pests, moisture and dirt. A few tips and tricks on the possible areas of application can be found here in this article.

Storage boxes against (food) moths

Of course you associate with the term storage boxes initially storage space, because they are particularly good for stowing toys and other things. But even in the kitchen, they are quite functional, because often you are there with food moths around. The small insects are attracted to open food, especially in summer, and can multiply quickly. Also in flour, rice or ground nuts they feel just right. So you have in no time a whole bunch of flying animals in the kitchen.

To prevent this, lockable boxes made of plastic, ceramic or porcelain are suitable. It's best to keep your supply as small as possible, so you can use up the food quickly. When buying, make sure that the packaging is not damaged, because that could mean that you bring the moths home from the supermarket.

The right storage in the basement

The cellar is also a popular storage place. Clothes, garden furniture or even food are gladly relegated to the lowest floor in order not to take away valuable storage space in other rooms. Because of their proximity to the earth basement walls, however, are always quite cool and also susceptible to moisture. Although you can counteract these problems with regular airing and other remedies, you should still keep his belongings properly.

Again, you should put on tightly lockable boxes or bags. Vacuum-sealable storage containers from which you suck out the air with the help of a vacuum cleaner are also very suitable. Both protect against moisture, dust and dirt. Before you store your clothes, you should definitely wash them again to prevent the inclusion of moths or their larvae.

For books or documents are solid cardboard boxes, for example made of plastic, because depending on the temperature and humidity, the paper may otherwise be wavy or brittle. For folders or photo albums, make sure that the back can not open and the sides also can not bend.

Who wants to bring wine or other foods such as fruits or vegetables in the cellar, which should be based on air-permeable wooden boxes. This becomes more and more interesting and important as many people choose to buy from regional suppliers. When storing, you should pay attention to the right temperature and the optimal moisture content, because depending on the food, this may vary.

The optimal solution for small parts

Not only larger things must be stowed, even small parts are often stored in storage boxes. So they are not only safely packed, but it is also brought in order. There are extra boxes with subdivision, for example, for the storage of

• socks

• underwear

• Smaller toy parts

• screws

• medicines

• Jewellery

• decoration

• Crafting material

• Sewing accessories

• cosmetics

suitable. The boxes are available in different sizes and dimensions, with a different number of compartments and with or without lid. They are therefore perfect for insertion in drawers and shelves or for practical stacking on chests of drawers and worktops, so you can find everything easily and quickly.