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The chests are furniture that help keep the house in order. Although they are traditionally associated with the interior design of a home, chests and trunks are available in functional outdoor versions. Placed in the right position, they can also act as tables and chairs.

A wide variety of materials and designs allows the chests to integrate naturally into any type of garden, veranda and patio. Chests and outdoor chests are capacious, solid and practical storage compartments for storing toys, gardening accessories, cushions and blankets.

Which chest to choose

All the materials used to make outdoor chests and trunks guarantee weather resistance and long life. The choice of material, therefore, depends on personal taste and the rest of the furniture that furnishes the outdoor space. Chests and trunks in dark wood with iron handles have a vintage look that matches a vintage decor. Light wood chests go well with chairs and tables of the same material; those in rattan, with inner lining, are an ideal addition to wicker armchairs and sofas.

The resin trunks stand out for being particularly resistant, light and easy to clean and move, especially when they are equipped with wheels. A resin trunk can be smooth or reproduce the aesthetic effect of wood, in various shades of brown and black.

If you are looking for a chest that also works as a seat, there are models with a full back and armrests, reminiscent of a classic bench. In other chests with a more minimal design, the cover has only slight side elevations. In addition, some chests already have a comfortable pillow.