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The word "stroboscope" derives from the ancient Greek terms "stróbilos," which means "vortex," and skopeĩn, which means "to observe," to signify. The effect is basically an optical illusion and is due to the stroboscopic effect: flashes of light are emitted at regular intervals, so that movements in a dark environment look like a sequence of images.

The construction of a stroboscope

In normal stroboscopes, which can be found in discotheques, for example, either xenon flash lamps or light emitting diodes are used. The latter can produce much faster flash sequences. The flash duration is shorter, but the flash energy is also lower. Xenon flash lamps must be operated via a capacitor; The lamps themselves are ignited by a high voltage pulse.

Fields of application of stroboscopes

In addition to the well-known uses in discos and clubs, stroboscopes are also used in a whole range of other areas.

• In industry, stroboscopes are used to measure the rotational speed of rotating machinery.

• In the case of gas engines, the ignition timing is determined by means of stroboscopes.

• They also occur in medicine: During an EEG, the patient's brain can be stimulated by the targeted use of stroboscopes.

• They also have their function in ear, nose and throat medicine to diagnose diseases of the voice.

• To identify you at night, you attach stroboscopes to aircraft surfaces from the outside.

• Warning lights on road vehicles, cranes, road works, buoys, bollards or other vessels in shipping operate on the principle of a stroboscope.

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