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Details to choose suitcases correctly

Since the man began to travel, the suitcases became indispensable accessories. Carrying everything you need is something that should be done whenever you leave the house, although in this, as in many other things, technology has led to a series of advances that have made the progress of the suitcases more than interesting. Gone are those travel trunks that were heavy and unwieldy from the first trips. Currently, the discovery of materials such as polycarbonate or high-resistance synthetic fabrics has revolutionized the world of suitcases. Traveling is now something much more common than in previous times, so the suitcases have not been able to keep out of progress.

What suitcases are better, stiff or semi-rigid? How to clean cloth bags?

Differentiating between the advantages of rigid cases and those that are not is one of the main tasks that must be carried out when buying suitcases. The first, those that are made with solid synthetic materials, offer an extra protection for the content. In addition, they are very resistant to wear and shock, something that makes them a great option if the suitcase ends up in the hold of an airplane or in places where you will not pay too much attention to your care. However, they weigh more than the semi-rigid ones and are less versatile, since they do not usually include any exterior pocket to facilitate storage, so the latter are perfect for car trips.

To take care of a suitcase is to carry out an adequate maintenance of the suitcase that prevents the time from affecting you too much. In this sense, cleanliness is essential for this accessory to continue perfectly fulfilling its purpose. Those that are made with hard materials do not need too much care, something that does not happen with fabrics. For the care of these, a series of concrete steps must be followed. The first thing is to pass the hand vacuum cleaner inside it. Subsequently, with a slightly damp cloth remove any remaining dirt that may remain. To finish, it is convenient to use a little soap and water on the outside, all so that the fabric is in perfect condition.

How to choose suitcases?

- The first thing you have to check is the capacity of the desired suitcase. There are several types in this sense, so the main thing is to think about the use you will give your suitcase before launching for one that has too much capacity or that falls short for your needs.

- Look carefully that the model you are interested in has accessories that increase your comfort. It is especially interesting that they mount wheels so you can move the suitcase with simplicity. The most comfortable are those that incorporate four although the two are also very interesting.

- There are models that offer features such as special compartments for different types of clothes or telescopic handles. Consider that the more accessories of this type are part of the suitcase you choose, the better you will manage with it and the more comfortable you will feel when traveling.
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