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In beach and pool time, whether for sunbathing or to relax in the shade, a lounger is the article that should not be missing in your garden. Currently, you can find multiple options that vary in design, utility and durability, so it is necessary to know these details before purchasing a lounger for your home. Depending on your preferences and the use that you are going to give, you can find from portable and foldable reclining and fixed loungers, sunbeds for two with parasol, or even beach chairs for the beach, a classic that never goes out of style.

How to choose the best deck chair?

Choosing a lounger is a very personal decision, since it depends on the taste of the consumer and the use that he wants to give it. Therefore, before deciding to go for a lounger, it is preferable that you inform yourself of its different characteristics and choose the one that best suits your needs:

• Comfort: depending on its material and design, a lounger can be more or less comfortable for the consumer. Mainly, there are two types of recliners: reclining and fixed. The recliners are the best option for those who want to change their position habitually, since it allows you to adjust the seat to your liking until you find a comfortable position. On the other hand, the fixed ones will always remain the same. Also, you can always complement your deckchair with cushions or mats, if they are not incorporated, to rest your back and head without any complication.

• Appearance: depending on where you are going to place the lounger and your preferences, it is preferable to opt for one that combines with the style of your house or terrace. Thus, you will be able to maintain a serene atmosphere and a decoration provided in your home.

• Durability: given that it is a product primarily intended for use outdoors, the quality of the material is essential to survive the climate and last many summers. They are made of different materials: wood, aluminum, plastic or rattan. Each one will give a different result and experience. For example, for people with back problems, something stiff like wood is recommended, but others may prefer a more comfortable and soft material, although these will not be as durable. In short, finding a good balance between durability and comfort is important. In addition, the ideal is that the structure is stainless, resistant to water and bad weather.

• Portability and weight: Depending on the material that composes it, there are sun loungers that are heavier than others. In the event that you are going to be changing your lounger site, it is preferable that you opt for a plastic or aluminum, since they are lighter. On the other hand, if you prefer to keep them fixed at a particular point in your home, you can choose a wooden one, since being more robust usually lasts longer. In addition, you can also opt for a folding lounger, which you can store comfortably during the winter without taking up too much space.

How do I keep my lounger clean?

The chairs, being constantly outdoors, can lose the quality of their material over the years. Therefore, it is important to acquire a lounger whose materials do not require too much care or cleaning. In any case, those deckchairs with materials that are vulnerable to weather can maintain their quality and increase their useful life if you cover them or store them during the winter.

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