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The sun is shining, the sky is bright blue and the sea lures with fantastic waves. Can there be more luck for surfers? Now all you need is the right surfboard and you can jump into pleasure. It was a pleasure that the Hawaiians knew long before the first arrival of a European ship in 1778!

The best surfboard for beginners

Especially for newbies it is a challenge to find one among the countless models that are suitable for the beginning. Do not make the mistake of getting on a longboard right away. These boards make an impression due to their size, but are difficult to move. An equally bad choice is a shortboard. These models are the exact opposite of a longboard and way too fast, agile and unstable for a beginner. Even if the great look and the possibilities of this surfboard irritate you - keep your hands off it and try out on a fun board or a softboard.

The best way to learn is on a board that is about 30 to 50 centimeters longer than you. If you then choose a model with a round nose, this offers a great advantage. Because this gives your board more lift and better stability.

What else needs to be considered when buying a surfboard?

First of all, you should not assume which board you like the best, but choose a model that suits your abilities. Because the coolest surfboard will not do you any good if you can not handle it. If you've already had a good experience with a particular board, keep the size and volume of the proven model at your next purchase. The material also plays an important role. Surfboards made of polyester are cheap, models made of epoxy for lighter and more robust.