Table Football

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Foosball for the whole family

The table football is one of those perfect games for the whole family because it includes a little physical exercise but you do not have to leave the house to play. Some come integrated in multigame tables. There are spare parts for rubber pads and for balls, which can be smooth or hexagonal, like real balls.

Which table football is better?

If we talk about professional soccer, each region has its preferences, from the materials of the table to those of the players themselves. If it is a children's football, it is best to meet security criteria. To do this, notice that the controls on one side do not protrude through the opposite band, so children will play without risk of accident. The plastic and foldable or tabletop foosball tables are the most practical if you do not have space to have one always mounted.

How to choose football?

- Keep in mind if it's for children or adults. The foosball for adults must be more resistant and are usually built with wood and metal. Foosball tables for children are usually made of plastic and smaller in size.

- Watch that they are robust. Although you do not have to rely on table football to play, some children tend to lie on it. If it is not a sturdy football, this could cause accidents.

- Try to make the measure standard to facilitate the purchase of replacement balls.