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Tennis is the best known sport among the so-called referral sports. The game as we know it today was born in the last decades of the '900, but its origins date back to the Middle Ages; in Italy, this sport was initially known as tennis.

For the more experienced, but also for those who are beginners, it is essential to choose a tennis racket that reflects its physical characteristics. The racket is in fact the natural extension of the arm and will help to give the best of itself during the game; for this reason it is important to have a racket that is both comfortable and manageable.

How to choose a tennis racket

To choose the right tennis racket you have to take into consideration several factors, which vary from the player's experience to more technical features, such as the length and weight of the racket, the size of the oval and the rigidity of the frame.

The rackets vary in length from 68.5 (standard size) to 74 cm; Longer racquets allow greater extension in the response balls and provide more power than the standard ones. Regarding the weight, it is good to note that a heavier racket gives more power and stability, while a light racket is more manageable and allows faster movements. There are also heavy rackets with light oval (preferred by professionals) and light rackets with heavy oval (for greater maneuverability).

The measure of the oval in turn influences the power. A larger oval is better suited to beginner or intermediate players as it offers more power and guarantees greater indulgence in decentralized shots; a smaller oval attracts more experienced players as it allows better control. The most common measures range from 613 to 710 cm2.

The rigidity of the frame affects the power, control and comfort. In general, the greater the stiffness the greater the power, sacrificing the precision of the blows; on the contrary, the lower the stiffness the smaller the power, in exchange for better precision. More flexible frames also tend to be more comfortable for the player.

Which tennis racket to choose for children

When purchasing a tennis racket for children, it is important to consider the height and level of the game. The weight and dimensions of the handle and the frame, as well as the surface of the oval, change according to the age of the child.

The length of the racket varies from 43 cm, for children up to 4 years, up to 66 cm, for children from 10 to 12 years. The intermediate measures vary about 5 cm from one to the other. For children over the age of 12, standard adult rackets can be used instead. The size of the oval varies and is usually proportionate to the length of the racket.

In general, to choose the right length, the child must hold the racket facing the ground while keeping the arms outstretched; the right racket should leave a space of approximately 5 cm between the end of the racket and the ground. Regarding the weight, this varies from 150 grams (for smaller rackets) up to a maximum of 270 grams. However, it is important to take the child's body into consideration so that you do not choose a too heavy racket.

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