Tennis Shoes

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When playing tennis, the shoes you use are almost as important as the racquet you use. The shoes you choose should allow you to move comfortably and quickly, ensure a good grip on the ground in which you compete and ensure good protection against injury.

What tennis shoes to buy?

When choosing your tennis shoes you must take into account the following aspects:

• Weight: The lighter your tennis shoes are, the better, as they will allow you a more fluid game and you will get tired less. However, the sole and cushioning are also important, so you should not look for only the lightest footwear, but the one that offers the best combination.

• Cushioning: A good cushioning system will be decisive for the footwear to absorb the strength of the footprint and it is not the foot that receives the full impact.

• Sole: It must be wide to provide stability, with a good grip to prevent the player from slipping, but without mobility. In addition, to play on the track it is advisable that the sole has wide and deep grooves, on grass it should be flatter and incorporate small cleats, and on beaten ground it should have small grooves of shallow depth.

• Support: Make sure that your tennis shoes perfectly hold the foot, the slightest slack can destabilize you and cause an injury.

• Tread: It is important that you know your type of footprint and that you acquire tennis shoes made for her, which will improve your performance and safety against injuries. The foot of each person adapts to the weight of his body and causes that there are pronating persons (the foot turns inwards when he steps), supinator (the foot turns outwards) or neutral (he does not turn or his turn is minimal).