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The tent: the best ally of nature getaways

For your next vacation, you go to the sea or the mountains? But you miss an indispensable: the camping tent. Highly prized by the Native Americans who used it in the form of a teepee, this canvas shelter is now back on the scene. Appreciated for excursions and treks, it allows a return to the sources and to live closer to nature.

What are the different types of camping tents?

Apart from the very light models reserved for hiking and taking the shape of the Canadian, most camping tents operate on the principle of the igloo tent. It is fast and easy to assemble with its intertwined arches that slip into the canvas. This system is used in automatic opening models. Currently in progress, the tents with inflatable arches are, in turn, suitable for large families. No risk besides forgetting the stakes. Only the inflator is to be loaded in the car.

Which camping tent to choose?

- For ease of use, opt for an instant-mount tent. Nevertheless, once folded, it will occupy more space.

- If you are looking for high quality camping and hiking tents, avoid self-opening models. These are less impervious and less solid.

- If you plan to go to hot, humid places, make sure the openings are equipped with mosquito nets.

- A beautiful awning is convenient for eating or storing business.

- Prefer tents with a double roof if you are looking for perfect impermeability.
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