Tiebacks & Holdbacks

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Curtain tiebacks are objects used to block your curtains so they do not close during the day, or just when you do not need to use them. Curtain tiebacks are usually made with ropes, but you can find some made with different materials such as plastic or metal, for example. They have a utilitarian role but choosing simply embraces for their aesthetics is not out of the ordinary at all, quite the contrary. Lost ? Do not worry, follow our guide that will help you find the tiebacks you need.

How to choose your curtain tie?

The aesthetics of your curtain tie will guide your choice of purchase. If you do not know what direction to take, think about these few questions that will help you make your choice.

• What piece ? First, visualize the room in which you intend to put these ties: is it a child's room? Yours ? Is it for a living room or a dining room? This will give you a little idea to start.

• What style ? To push a little further, visualize the style of this piece. Is it rather sober or strong in decorations? Is there a predominant color? The type of embraces will then depend on your answers. There are stuffed toys for children's rooms, or fake flowers for adult rooms, among others.

• What curtains? You probably will not want your embraces to swear with your curtains. Choose complementary colors if you wish, or, if you are lucky, tiebacks that will be exactly the same color as your curtains.