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Elegance of a transparent ecru linen, refinement of the white embroidery, fantasy of a herringbone pattern or tropical colors ... The sheers are essential and always very popular for the house. They dress the windows and bring a contemporary finish to your home decor, while preserving your privacy and filtering the light. Lined alone or under curtains, in great length for a bay window curtain or in blinds for a kitchen curtain, the interior curtains are kept on a rod thanks to eyelets, passers-by or a frowning ribbon. Their thickness will depend on the opacity you are looking for to protect yourself from external looks, but also the degree of brightness you want for each room.

What material to favor for her sheers?

To determine which type of fabric best suits your needs for your interior curtains, we must take into consideration the peculiarities of each room: low light, direct vis-à-vis with the neighborhood, very sunny exposure, children's room etc. Thus, the long white polyester window curtain is a timeless classic, elegant and refined: the finesse of its weave allows a maximum of light to filter and its lightness brings a cozy and fresh touch to the decoration of a living room, a room or office. The organza is a cotton chiffon easy to maintain: it is moiré, transparent and brings a swelling effect to the panel. Linen, natural, chic and thicker, will be ideal for dressing windows and French windows in a living room or bedrooms without additional curtains. Satin, brilliant, allows for him to play on materials and colors more contrasted.

How to choose your curtains?

- Do not neglect taking measurements: establish carefully and accurately all dimensions to select the right product for your windows, the desired height at ground level and the number of folds you want to be formed in the open position and in closed position. Small trick: we multiply the width of the window, or that of the curtain rod, by 1.5 or 2 depending on the desired ruffling.

- Do not hesitate to choose a model of large dimensions and a little more opaque for a window curtain whose first function is to protect you from outside eyes, on the ground floor, in case of important vis-à- screws or in rooms requiring the most privacy, such as bathrooms or toilets.

- Combine textures and colors: you can mend the sides of your window curtain to create dynamic contrasts in the decoration, as well as original effects to filter the light. The combination of interior curtains and curtains also works perfectly to partition spaces in a large room or create original trompe-l'oeil closets.

- Choose a veiling head adapted to your fixation: the upper edge of the panel can be provided with eyelets, legs, a fringed braid or a rod-shaped filling, depending on the type of fabric chosen or the rod you have.