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Surely almost nobody sounds the name of Alan MacMasters. However, it is to this Scottish scientist born in 1865 that we all owe moments of genuine pleasure. It is about the inventor of the toaster, that endearing appliance that helps millions of people around the world to charge the batteries every morning with the delicious aroma and the comforting texture of freshly baked bread. Learn about the features of the most current models and choose yours among a wide and sensational range of toasters, sandwiches and grills.

What is the best toaster?

Well it is not a trivial question, since its evolution in the last decades has given rise to an amazing variety. Let's see what their peculiarities are.

The toaster par excellence is the pop-up, the classic box-shaped toaster with two bread slots and an internal electric resistance activated with a timer that heats it. It is especially from the fifties when this model takes center stage, displacing primitive open toasters that left the resistance in sight and that, although practical, had to be handled with caution. The pop-up toaster also admits a great variety of designs and colors, which makes them aesthetically very versatile and attractive.

The open roasters nevertheless retain their market niche, although the most modern have evolved into small grills, electric grills in which we can not only toast slices of bread, but also other pieces of pastries and pastries of different formats. This same advantage is shared by toaster-type ovens: true electric ovens with one or several trays in which they fit from traditional toast to empanadas, sandwiches, cakes, croissants, tortillas, cookies ... Within the family of toasters we must mention also to the sandwich makers, very popular appliances in the eighties and that have returned to give back to the palate the pleasure of those golden sandwiches and overflowing with melted cheese that so many memorable snacks made us enjoy.

How to choose toasters?

- Toasters are not appliances that tend to be used very intensively, so their electricity consumption should hardly have an impact on the electricity bill. In any case, and if you are particularly concerned about this point, know that you can find them with powers ranging from 600 to about 2000 watts. Higher power, more speed and capacity, but greater spending on electricity.

- The format of the toaster determines its usefulness. Slot models are specifically designed to toast bread into slices. Beware of this, because the size of the slots may be short if you intend to brown a large village loaf or a full baguette. If you prefer toast bread toast, the classic pop-up toasters are ideal. But to forget about the problems of space, bet on a type oven, in which you can heat and toast almost anything and in large quantities, an important detail if you meet half a dozen people around the table. Most are also programmable in time and intensity so you can not only "tan", but also keep your toast warm.

- In terms of design, these nice appliances have not lost the pace of current trends. Some time ago they broke with the classic canons according to which the kitchen appliances had to be white. Thus, you will see that in our section there are many models as practical as decorative, with avant-garde designs, other vintage cut, of course also traditional, elegant chromed metal toasters or fun retro casings.
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