Toddler Beds

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The bed is a very special place for children: Here you can listen to exciting stories and gentle songs and dream of great adventures. To ensure that your child can rest and start well rested into the new day, it is important to pay attention to good quality when choosing cribs. In this collection you can find quality baby cots in various sizes, materials and beautiful designs.

Cribs are available in many variations. The choice of bed depends on the age, gender and needs of your child. For babies, we offer appropriate cots to prevent your little one from falling out of bed. If your child is too big for the cot it will be time for a cot. Here you will find simple cots and models in extravagant designs. Many boys find it great to sleep in cribs that look like cars, fire engines or pirate ships. And many girls feel like a real princess in a pink four-poster bed.

Children need security. Cribs, which are significantly smaller than adult beds, convey a very special feeling of coziness. Thanks to the smaller size of the cots, cuddly toys, cars, dolls and building blocks have significantly more space in the nursery and children more room to play and run around. If your child is still very young, it is recommended to attach a support board to the side of the cot. For small children's rooms, bunk beds or half-height cots are ideal. Chests of drawers and wardrobes can be placed under the bed, or overnight accommodation can be arranged for friends. Pay attention to the appropriate age. High and half-height cots are mostly recommended for children over the age of six. For twins or siblings who share a room, we offer corresponding double-decker or bunk beds.

Find in collection cots in different colors, types of wood and designs - with or without integrated bed drawers. Browse through this collection and discover your desired cot.