Toilet Bowls

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While some ancient Greek cities were already equipped with toilets and a drainage system, the public and private latrines in Rome really took off. Built in 700 BC, the sewer called "cloaca maxima" recovers rainwater in the Argilete, goes through the latrines of the forum and directly reaches the Tiber. The rules of hygiene have today happily changed.

What are the models of toilet bowls?

In order to receive and evacuate materials, your toilet bowl must be chosen with care. WC suspended or classic, for disabled or child, washing or Japanese: there is today a large number of models. For added durability, your bowl should not be afraid of shock and endure the frequent attacks of cleaning products. Porcelain, enamelled ceramics and stainless steel are the most suitable materials. The round or square seat, the space available on the ground and the installation of the evacuation are also essential criteria of choice.

How to choose your toilet bowl?

- Favor preferably the famous marks. They will give you the opportunity to easily find spare parts in case of malfunction of your bowl.

- Choose recessed bowls for better comfort. The round seats have the advantage of being more ergonomic.

- Choose a model with anti-blocking and anti-lime treatment for easy maintenance. Some ceramics will do just fine.

- Check the shape of the bowl. To promote the evacuation of materials and limit water consumption, it is important that it is as straight as possible with a shape resembling that of a funnel.