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The invention of the bath or toilet bowl known to most with the acronym WC ("water closet" literally translated from English with "water closet" as relative to the room and not to the vase itself) is attributed to John Harrington, godson of Elizabeth I of England.

With the diffusion of the bathroom pot in public services and homes, the need to make these rooms clean and sanitized but also welcoming and personalized, has led to the invention of toilet seats and tank covers. Easy to install, they have a decorative function of the sanitary fixtures but also functional to their use.

How to choose the toilet seat and tank cover

The toilet seat, located above the toilet bowl, prevents direct contact with the toilet tablet during use, making it easier to clean the bathroom.

Different types of toilet seats are available, including a cover and a toilet seat cover or sold separately. They are made of materials and shapes that adapt to the various needs of design, space and use. The classic plastic universal toilet seats are applicable to most WCs, with metal hinges to be easily attached to the rear edge of the cup with the use of bolts provided by the package. Toilet seats are available in wood, polypropylene, thermosetting resin or metal; some models also have LED lights of different shades.

To liven up the bathroom or to make the time of using the toilet fun for guests and children, there are white, transparent or made with the most diverse prints: from flowers, hearts, polka dots, geometric shapes to animals of each species and sunsets or landscapes from the capitals of the world. Upholstery in velvet or synthetic materials, padded and washable, together with the covers for the toilet and the tank, help to embellish the bathroom, homologating the toilet to the rest of the furniture or creating funny contrasts.

The tank covers are sold separately or with a toilet seat; they come in the form of mats of different sizes and materials on which, once installed, it is possible to arrange from the toilet products to the preferred decorations.

Also available are disposable paper toilet seats sold in convenient dispensers and dispensers to be placed in commercial or office bathrooms (used by a greater number of people) to guarantee maximum hygiene during use.