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A toilet bowl belongs in every house to the basic equipment in bath and WC. Therefore, the toilets are more than just basic features, they shape the ambience of the sanitary facilities fundamentally. That's why they should not just be functional. The design of the toilet bowl, the sink, the shower and the tub are also important, because all residents want to feel comfortable in every room of the house. High-quality toilets are always made of the finest but sturdy porcelain for this purpose. Especially popular are the models in the color white, because they can be added to every style of bathroom decor.

A white toilet matches both rattan furniture and glass and metal bathroom furniture. The white ceramic is easy to maintain and clean thanks to the smooth surfaces. Both light and dark tiles and wallpaper fit optically to the white toilet bowls. In general, modern models are equipped with lids, which have the practical automatic lowering. Toilets for your bathroom are offered by many well-known manufacturers both with and without cistern. All bowls are easy to install in the masonry of the house, so that the toilet can be perfectly connected to the installed in the wall drainage system of the house.

In addition to the free-hanging modern models, the traditional toilets that rest on the floor of the bathroom are also very popular. The selection of different toilets is very large, so that there are always suitable models for every old building and every new construction project. Most toilets are of the standard size, so installation should be easy right from the start. Nevertheless, the differences in designs in the world of sanitary facilities are sometimes very large. For every taste and every need you will find here the matching model in many shades of white and in other colors for your bathroom and your guest bathroom.
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