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The fact of showering periodically is essential, but not only that: the drying process of our skin is just as important. By drying the skin, we prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that are attracted to moisture, which can cause irritations and other dermatological conditions. For this reason, items such as towels are essential when it comes to maintaining a correct and satisfactory personal hygiene.

What types of towels can we buy?

Currently we can find a wide range of towels that vary, mainly, depending on the size and use:

• Bath towels: These can serve both to cover the body when leaving the shower, and to partially dry the hair after washing.

• Large bath towels: These are of a large size and cover the body almost entirely when leaving the bathroom or shower.

• Towels to wash the face: They can be both small towels and mittens, and are very useful for a complete facial cleansing.

• Hand towels: Medium in size, they are ideal for drying our hands after each wash.

• Standing towels: Also known as bath mats, they fulfill the dual function of preventing the floor from getting soaked when leaving the shower and avoiding unwanted slips.

• Towel sets: They usually include a minimum of three towels of different sizes, each of them intended for a specific use. All of them follow the same patterns, both in color and design.

• Complimentary towels: We can find both decorative towels and spare towels to offer our guests.

• Beach towels: They have more striking and colorful designs than those intended for the bathroom and can be large or extra-large.