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Games and sports: the winning combination to grow physically and emotionally

In the garden, at the park with friends or simply inside the house: with sports games you have fun everywhere because, with the right tool and a little imagination, every corner becomes a regulatory field, where you can rediscover a talent as a champion . And no matter what your favorite sport is, because the toys available are so many that, if you want, you can train in every discipline: basketball fans, for example, with the platforms and baskets to hang on the wall will feel like the stars of the American championship, while football lovers will need a ball and a net to pull penalties and penalties like their own idols on Sunday. But if a game between friends, maybe on the beach, no one is denied and even some games, like some table hockey, are dedicated to boys and adults, it is true that the smallest are those who have the greatest chance to get closer to sport in a playful and fun way. So, considering that sport, as well as being beneficial for the body, has an unquestionable pedagogical value, all that remains is to let them enjoy it, so that they can learn to accept new challenges.

What are sports games and why they are useful for children of all ages

Among the toys that refer to the sports universe, those to be used in a group are certainly very popular. Children and teenagers, in fact, enjoy a world to organize matches with their friends and, as far as parents are concerned, everyone knows how much team sports, as well as being an excellent excuse to move in the open air, can become a sort of gym of life. Playing together with baseball or football, in fact, the little ones learn the respect of the rules and, rejoicing in the victories obtained collectively, they discover the taste of collaboration. Even doing sports alone, however, has countless advantages. Pulling with the bow, for example, in addition to improving control and coordination, becomes a stimulus to overcome their limits, while hitting a punching bag placed in the bedroom allows you to move even when it is cold and you are unable to run at the park. But indoor sports games are not only useful on a physical level: if the miniatures of the Subbuteo allow you to travel with the imagination, the shots to the basket are perfect for a break from homework or a break in the office. Because all the children, even those of yesterday, are irresistibly attracted to sports games.

How to choose games to play sports?

- Think about where they will be used: some indoor toys have soft edges to bounce on the walls and are designed to not scratch the surfaces

- Considers all the indications of the producers, both regarding the recommended age and for any special warnings: certain products must be used exclusively under the supervision of an adult

- For toys to assemble in the garden, evaluate if the dimensions fit the available space and be sure to fix them to the ground with the appropriate anchors

- Check that the products comply with European safety standards

- Check the entire contents of the package and the presence of batteries, decorations, fixing kits or balls

- If you are looking for a game with a platform for your children that lasts over time, opt for practical height-adjustable products