Training Mats

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Without them, the daily work-out or the spiritual yoga time becomes an uncomfortable affair - the exercise mat is the basic requirement for a pleasant and healthy training in the home. Whenever exercises are on the ground, this useful helper is used.

What is the purpose of an exercise mat?

The exercise mat is used in various workouts as well as in yoga or Pilates. It not only promotes comfort while performing an exercise, but also protects the body. An extra mat is needed whenever training sessions take place on the floor. These include in particular numerous abdominal, back, po and leg exercises. Since such units are included in most workouts, the use of an exercise mat is almost always worthwhile. In addition, they provide extra stability, which can be especially helpful in yoga.

How to choose the right exercise mat?

- How wide should a mat be? This depends entirely on the purpose and the available space. Do the appropriate exercises before you buy and measure the area you need.

- Does the thickness of the mats play a role? For yoga and Pilates, a thin mat that supports stability is beneficial. Thicker variants are useful for strength training to protect the back.

- How well can the mats be stowed? The stowage varies from product to product. Some models can be rolled up while others are retractable. Information about this can be found in the individual product descriptions.