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The travel cot is a versatile baby accessory, as it can be used when traveling, of course, but also on many other occasions. Baby products are always of special interest. Hygiene items, for example, should be chosen with special care, opting only for those that ensure adequate protection of the baby's sensitive skin or hair. In terms of decorative elements and furniture such as travel cots, the options are also multiple and the brands that work offering accessories adapted to babies are innumerable.

Are travel cribs safe?

The answer to this question is simple and, in general, it can be said that travel cots are safe. Provided that they are approved products and that they comply with current safety regulations. The brands specializing in the manufacture of baby products comply, without any doubt, with the regulations. However, it does not hurt that, before acquiring a practical travel cot, you carefully check the technical specifications included in the manufacturer's file. It is especially convenient to check aspects such as the stability of the cradle, the folding mechanism and the materials that have been used in its manufacture.

With regard to stability and the folding mechanism, approved cradles offer a guarantee of stability to prevent this essential accessory from being destabilized and falling due to repeated movements of the baby during sleep. They also guarantee that the crib will not tip over in the event of an accidental shock against it. From the point of view of the materials used, approved travel cradles not only certify the use of non-toxic elements, but also use breathable materials that offer adequate ventilation and ensure thermal stability.

How to choose a travel cot?

- Before buying a travel cot, you must be clear about the use you are going to give it. If you are going to use it only for frequent trips, choose a folding and easy to assemble crib.

- If you are one of those who need the crib to place it in a room and move it as little as possible, look for a stable product, adjustable in height, with good quality materials and, if possible, with adjustable height.

- If you intend to use the cradle for normal transport, decide for models that incorporate a cover and, if possible, with a handle. This will protect the crib and make it easier for you to move around.

- First of all it is vitally important that you always take into account the quality of the mattress. In many cases, cribs include very thin mats to facilitate folding and transport. If this mattress is not suitable, you should consider purchasing an additional mattress of superior quality.

- To ensure the stability of the crib, look at the number of legs it has. The most stable models usually incorporate two additional legs in the middle part.

- There are some models that include wheels, which can be useful if your intention is to move it from one place to another without disassembling it.

- Verify in all cases that the article complies with safety regulations.
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