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Do you like hiking because it makes you feel relaxed and you want to enjoy nature? Then you may have thought about going on a long hike over several days or even weeks, where you can just switch off and concentrate on yourself.

But what about the luggage on a long hiking route? Of course, you have to take care of yourself and with a small backpack that is not enough. In this case, a trekking backpack is located, as it not only provides enough space for change clothes, water and provisions. Today's models are designed so lightly that you can carry them even on long routes without any problems.

Trekking rucksacks usually have a volume of 65 to 100 liters, so that you can have all the necessary equipment on multi-day tours. In addition, the principle "less is more" applies. Although the trekking backpack is very large and some luggage can be stored in it, you should always pay attention to the weight of your things. Try to avoid unnecessary weight as this can quickly affect your comfort. The advantage of the trekking backpack is that it is very easy to pack. It mainly consists of a large compartment, a small additional compartment and a compartment for the sleeping bag in the hip area. To help you make that decision, the next section will tell you what to look for when buying a trekking backpack.

What you should consider when buying a trekking backpack

Since relaxation and break time should be the focus of stressful work or other everyday burdens, you should not unnecessarily fret with a much too heavy and uncomfortable backpack. Therefore, you should inform yourself sufficiently and extensively when choosing the right trekking backpack.

Basically, the backpack should be properly positioned on your back. Therefore, you should know your back length. A rough classification can be found below:

• Short 40 - 47 centimeters

• Medium 48 - 57 centimeters

• Long 58 - 67 centimeters

Many rucksack manufacturers offer trekking rucksacks with adjustable carrying systems that can be adjusted to your back length.

These carrying systems consist of shoulder straps, abdominal or lap belt straps, stiffeners and a back padding to cushion the weight a bit. Some trekking rucksacks have a mesh back instead of padding for better ventilation. This is especially recommended when hiking in warmer climates. Whether you prefer the upholstery or the mesh back is up to your personal taste.

Since you can not just benefit from weather resistance in some countries and often face sudden rain, it is advisable to make sure that your backpack has an integrated rain cover. Thus, your belongings are protected even in heavy rain. Alternatively, you can buy a rain cover that you can simply put over the trekking backpack.

After all, your backpack should have good, high-quality zippers so they do not break suddenly and you can not close your trekking backpack properly during your trip. Likewise, the seams must be well-made to withstand large loads easily.

In addition to these technical features, of course, the color and the design can be crucial. You can choose your trekking rucksack to match your trekking shoes or your hiking outfit to look fashionable even on footpaths.

Are you planning a hiking holiday or have you just passed your A-Levels and would you like to spend a year doing "Work and Travel" in Australia or elsewhere in the world? Then you definitely need a suitable backpack that stows all your necessary items safely.