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The tricycle is a ride-on vehicle that replaces the bike for those children who are not yet able to ride on two wheels. The three-wheeled design significantly reduces the risk of falling of the child, making it an ideal means for even the smallest.

It is suitable for children of all ages and will help them develop the coordination and balance of their movements, giving them a sense of independence and encouraging them to play outdoors.

Depending on the age and physical development of the child, various tricycle models are available, with or without pedals. It is a safe and at the same time fun vehicle with which children can play in different environments and learn new knowledge, from music to logic, with all the integrated accessories.

How to choose a tricycle

When buying a tricycle it is good to consider the type of support and the possibility to adjust the height of the saddle and the handlebar. The child must in fact assume a natural position, so as not to damage his back.

It is also important to pay attention to the material with which the handlebar grips are constructed; in order to protect the hands from any irritation, it is advisable to prefer those in rubber, avoiding the rigid plastic.

For younger children, who do not yet have the strength to push the pedals continuously or who tire easily, we recommend choosing a tricycle that is equipped with a directional handle for the parents; this will allow them to push or help the child, leaving him at the same time a sense of autonomy, making sure that he gets used to pedaling effortlessly. The handle can also be released when it is no longer needed.

It is advisable to buy a model that is suitable for the child's height, so that he can get on and off on his own and it is not difficult to comfortably reach the pedals; if the tricycle is not equipped with brakes, the child must be able to rest his feet to stop himself.

There are also models equipped with a sunshade, ideal on hot summer days, and a reclining seat, useful for resting the baby. Other models are instead a cross between a stroller and a tricycle.

Tricycles without pedals

For children of all ages you can also choose models of tricycles without pedals. They are particularly useful for younger children, who have not yet achieved perfect coordination; a tricycle without pedals will help them to walk alone and improve the strength of their legs to push faster and faster. When they are large enough to pedal on their own, you can switch to models with pedals.

These tricycles can be used in complete autonomy by the child, always under the supervision of an adult. Thanks to the absence of the pedals, the child will not be able to reach speeds that are too high compared to his abilities, but will still be able to run freely, avoiding at the same time that he loses control and risks getting hurt.

For these models it is essential that the child is able to comfortably rest their feet on the ground, so that using the tricycle does not result to be an excessive effort so get tired of using it.

As for the materials, you can find wooden models, more ecological and safe, or plastic, more suitable if you want to leave the tricycle outside the home, exposed to the use of weather and weather.
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