TV Stands

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To spend moments in front of a movie, watch our favorite programs, or even play video games, what's more essential than a TV screen? But also, what's more cumbersome? When it comes to placing it so that everyone can enjoy it, finding the strategic place on their television can be a real headache. From the shelf to the low cabinet to the stand, we help you configure your space so that your screen is ideally located in the background! You will find among our selection as much furniture as of decorative tendencies giving you the possibility to make this purchase a true aesthetic asset for your place of life.

How to choose a TV stand according to its space?

Many homes organize their interior around the television and arrange their living room around it. Choose your TV stand according to the configuration of your space. Remember that for an optimal and pleasant viewing of the image, it is better to avoid light reflections on the screen: so spot a place for your TV stand that is neither in front of windows nor exposed to your lights . Next, determine the height of the TV stand that you want to buy according to the height of the other furniture in the same space and make sure you have the best seating comfort. As for the size of the furniture, make sure that it is adapted to the dimensions of your television, but also of the portion of wall which you will devote to it.

Optimize your storage

Do you have many devices to connect to your screen such as the Internet modem, the game console, the DVD player? There is furniture with grommets and storage to help you better organize this space that can quickly turn into clutter. A TV cabinet with drawers will allow you to store your controllers, remote controls and other accessories. Some cabinets have closed storage to maintain a clean decorative look while keeping your items clean of dust. You will also find TV furniture which are real libraries arranged to leave a place on the television. This will be hidden in the middle of books, DVDs or decorative objects, forming an optimal storage space.

From the decor side to the practical side

If your space is limited, opt for a simple wall unit that will put your TV forward. It attaches to the wall simply and at the height you want. You will find a large number of wall mounts adaptable to the size of your screen as well as to the wall structure (alcove, angle). There are also pedestal stand furniture to which you fix your TV with the possibility to rotate the screen. Before choosing your mount, measure the mounting holes on the back of your TV and check for compatibility. Some models also have casters allowing you to move your TV serenely and adjust its height. These types of TV furniture are practical and compact, but do not allow you to optimize storage space.

If you want to choose a TV stand that is in harmony with your interior, give your choice to the style already present. Do you like design? Opt for glass or lacquered models specially designed to surprise you. Do you want to play in originality and modernity? Let yourself be tempted by the TV cabinets with integrated LED lighting! Do you love wood? Discover also our models inspired by Scandinavian design for sleek and charming interiors.