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A guide to choosing TVs

Indispensable in any home, business or corner of the world, televisions have become a window that looks to the present and offers inexhaustible hours of quality entertainment. Since the early twentieth century, these devices have managed to evolve at the same time that society did. New imaging systems, improved quality and ever-widening dimensions are just some of the features that have marked the progress of television sets. In recent times, the increase in peripherals available as videoconsoles or players of different formats and the combination of a perfect image quality with the internet connection have created the conditions that define the current television sets, devices connected to the world capable of Offer a stream of content.

Buy LCD, LED or plasma TVs? Which TVs have the best image quality?

The different systems that banished tube technology in televisions are still valid in the current market, which forces us to ask ourselves which is the most interesting for any user. To answer this question it is convenient to pause briefly to analyze what each one offers for itself. To begin with, the plasma models were the ones that first saw the light and are still fighting. Its best qualities reside in a very high image quality and in a speed of updating it to surprise you. LCD and LED share the same technical base but differ in their backlighting. In these screens, the image shows a very clear sharpness. In short, the plasma offers softer colors and a greater viewing angle while LED-based systems guarantee higher resolution.

The resolution is the characteristic that will end up defining the image quality of a television. Currently, the highest rank in this sense is occupied by 4K TVs. However, most of the screens continue to maintain lower resolutions that do not stop offering an image quality that should be taken into account. The models Full HD or simply HD get very competent viewing experiences, more if the use is limited to a few hours of viewing conventional television content.

How to choose TVs?

- Try to choose a device that has an internet connection. In many cases, most of the services currently offered work through the web, so a Smart TV will be prepared in advance to give you the opportunity to enjoy all of them.

- Monitor the size of the TVs you are looking for, and that is that larger screens need a greater viewing distance to offer the quality they carry inside. With this we indicate that you measure the place where you will install your screen in relation to the place where you are going to sit to see it.

- In the characteristics of each model you will find a section with the connections of the device. Make sure that this section is as complete as possible so as not to have connectivity problems.

- The sound system that televisions incorporate is also fundamental. Study this technical feature well and check that it meets minimum quality standards depending on what you want to find to enjoy a device that meets all your needs.