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Ukuleles are small string instruments, of Hawaiian origin, that will allow you to enter the world of music in a simple and economical way. Constructed in wood, they have four strings and are easy to transport due to their small size. In addition, they are relatively cheap compared to other stringed instruments and, due to their characteristics and dimensions, they are ideal for the little ones in the house to start their music.

What ukulele to buy?

If you want to get right when buying your ukulele, you must take into account the following criteria:

• Materials: the wood with which they are built is fundamental for the quality of the sound. Those made with solid wood will have a better sound and will be more resistant, while those made with sheets will be cheaper.

• Construction: you can find completely handmade ukuleles, and others in which part of the process is mechanized. The latter, are more economical and are indicated for those who want to start in this instrument; while the crafts are more focused on professional use since they have a higher sound quality.

• Trims: there are models that incorporate incorporated edges on the edges of the instrument that, beyond its aesthetic function, will serve to protect against eventual blows or falls.

• Number of strings: the ukulele is a 4-string instrument, although you can also find models that have 6, and up to 8. For a basic use or initiation, choose the 4-string ukuleles, since the other variants are more complex.

• Types: there are four types of ukuleles: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. The most affordable is usually the baritone, since it is the smallest of the four and the most popular.

Types or sizes of ukuleles

The differences between the four types of ukulele that exist are in sound, use, size and price.

• Soprano ukulele: it is smaller, about 53 centimeters approximately, and the best known, since it is the original ukulele. Its sound is the most acute of the four types that exist and is the one used by most people who start playing this instrument, although it is also used by many professional musicians. The price of these ukuleles is usually lower.

• Ukulele concert: it is something bigger than the soprano, because it measures about 58 centimeters, and its sound is something more serious. The volume reached is greater thanks to its larger size, which also makes it easier to play for an adult.

• Ukulele tenor: about 66 centimeters, it offers more serious sounds and a greater volume, and the tension of its strings is also greater.

• Baritone ukulele: it is the largest, about 76 centimeters, and the one that offers a higher volume and a lower sound, so much that it departs from the characteristic sharp chords of this instrument. It is the most indicated if you know how to play the guitar and want to start in the ukulele, since it has many similarities with it.

What accessories does your ukulele need?

To be able to transport your instrument with comfort and safety, it is essential that you have a good case. There are models that also incorporate a strap and hooks on the body of the ukulele, to be able to play it more comfortably. The tines are also complements that you should keep in mind if you are going to play it regularly.

As for the strings, although they are incorporated in the factory, they will be necessary if the originals are broken or damaged, or if you simply want to improve the sound of your instrument. Pay attention to the size of these to make sure they will work for your type of ukulele.

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