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In rooms where you do not want to be able to cover the windows completely, you can use window curtains. This is often the case in the kitchen and in children's rooms. They belong to the category of window decoration and are attached to relatively short Vitragestangen, also called disk rods or pin poles, or clip rods on the window frame. Although they used to be classically white, especially in earlier times, today there is a wide selection of color combinations and patterns, allowing you to customize the subtle window decoration to suit your interior design style.

The difference between curtains and curtains

Often these two terms are used as synonyms, but there are some aspects that differentiate curtains from curtains.

One of the most important features is that curtains are transparent. Although they obscure the view through a window, they do not completely cover it. The daylight can still penetrate through it. Most curtains are made of voile or lace and decorate the window either as a complete window decoration or as a shorter, centrally arranged Scheibengardine. Curtains are easy-care, dimensionally stable and insensitive to UV rays.

The curtain darkens a room considerably or darkens it completely. Therefore, the fabric of which it is made, much firmer and heavier. In most cases it is floor-length and is pulled up and down by hand on a fixed pole.

Simple installation and beautiful decoration: the window curtain and the disc hanger

Classic window curtains are attached to a pole on the window frame and thus hang directly in front of the window. In the past, it used to be white lace curtains used in households. Today, the choice of colors and patterns is huge and can be adapted to every taste and every decor.

Through the use of mostly centrally mounted and reaching almost to the window sill Scheibengardinen prying eyes from the outside is prevented. At the same time, enough light from outside can still be found in the room.

A special form of the Scheibengardine is the so-called disk hanger. These are usually attached to four eyelets or rings on all four corners of the window frame. The material is translucent, but still darkens the room more than a pane curtain would do. For example, for more light or for an optical effect, you can tie one of the lower corners diagonally upwards. There is also the option of moving the two lower corners up and down like a roller blind.

Disk hangers are particularly popular with dormer windows where they can be moved to any position using a swivel bar. Also by means of a sliding bar, this effect can be achieved.

It's so easy to attach your windowpanic curtains

The installation of the Scheibengardinen is very simple and fast. No big tools are needed, so anyone can trust the attachment of the popular window decoration.

• Usually you use white curtain poles, which can usually be removed, so that you can adjust the length. Alternatively, pre-measure the width of your window so you know exactly which curtain rod you need.

• At the ends of the cornices are provided with small holes. To attach a self-adhesive angle hook is attached to the window frame and the curtain rod hooked on it.

• The window curtain has loops or holes that run along the top of the fabric. The curtain rod can be easily pulled through the loops. Of course you do this before hanging the curtain rod to the angle hooks.

• The height at which you attach the windowpanes depends both on your taste and the purpose for which you use them. As a pure decorative element, it can hang at any height; However, if it serves as a screen, it should be mounted in the middle and reach to the bottom of the window.