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Variomatics - a continuously variable transmission with fully automatic control

With a variator, mopeds and motorcycles receive a continuously variable, fully automatic transmission, which is controlled by a belt. This gearbox is installed in racing and road machines. The power is transmitted by V-belts, steel belts or chains. For installation as well as for repairs you need complete kits or single parts like pulleys, spacers, rollers and weights.

How exactly does a variator work?

The tensioned V-belt runs between two conically shaped pulleys. Depending on the current speed, the distance of the pulleys is adjusted, which can be adjusted with built-in centrifugal weights. As a result, the transmission ratio is infinitely and automatically controlled. In addition, depending on the accelerator pedal position, a vacuum from the intake manifold is routed to assist in the movement of the pulleys.

According to which criteria do you choose the right variator?

- For which vehicle model should the variator be used? In the descriptions you will find all vehicle types in which the respective model can be installed.

- Which belt is used? Does your motorcycle have a V-belt or chain for transmission?

- What distances do the waves have? After that, the sizes of the discs and the length of the straps depend. In case of conversions, it is essential to ensure that these distances are maintained or to order suitable new components.

- Which spare parts for the variator do you need? For an adjustment of the switching operations, you can re-set the centrifugal weights. Buy a tuning kit to get the most out of your machine. Replace wear parts with new ones.