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Extractor hoods that clean the air

An extractor hood is a device equipped with a system that sucks and removes toxic air, gases, vapors and cooking fumes, etc. Some extractor hoods also have a filter that recycles air. This is the case of kitchen hoods. In general, these devices make it possible to clean up the environment. They can also be used as a decorative element.

Which extractor hood to choose?

If you live in a single-family home, choose an outdoor exhaust hood. To install it, place a conduit to the outside. Objective: to get the fumes out. This type of hood is not only efficient, but it also offers a better airflow. Recycling hoods fit the apartments better. They are equipped with carbon filters that recirculate the air before evacuating it on the sides. Easy to install, this model requires to replace filters regularly. We also choose the hood depending on the type of food we cook and the technique used to cook. Cooking on gas requires a hood different from that recommended when cooking on electric plates or induction tables for example. If you use your grill regularly, the hood that suits you differs from the one that is installed in kitchens where you fry frequently. Do not choose recycling hoods if you like fries and grills. We also choose the extractor hood based on its sound capacity. At the time of purchase, it will be necessary to check the number of decibels with equal air flow to compare the sound level of each hood. Then opt for the device with the smallest number. You can also choose a hood equipped with a motor that can be installed for example on an outside wall or in the attic.
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