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The first steps are a key moment for a child and for his parents.

Around 7-8 months of age, children feel the urge to get up and stand upright.

Shortly after they begin to try to take their first steps, a moment that marks the beginning of greater independence from parents.

It is precisely to accompany the child in this delicate growth path that it is possible to purchase a walker, a tool that allows him to become familiar with the standing position and to start exploring the space with greater autonomy but in complete safety.

How to choose the walker

The walker can be considered at the same time an educational and protective tool.

There are some useful features that can guide you in your choice.

First of all, it must be considered that the child is in a growth phase: it is therefore advisable to buy a walker with a height-adjustable seat, so that the feet can always rest on the ground with the entire soles of the feet. If the session is too high, the child may develop a tendency to walk on the toes.

For hygienic reasons, it is also advisable to purchase a model with a removable and easily washable seat.

The dimensions of the walker are designed as safety measures: a walker with a wide base in fact prevents the child from passing through the doors, moving away from the room in which it is placed. Even the wheels are designed with an eye on safety: they are non-slip and have brakes that limit the speed of the walker. Some models then have a device that automatically locks the wheels if one of them is not in contact with the ground: a brake designed to stop the walker near a step.

The walker can also be considered a play station, as it often has small toys or even light and sound effects.