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Nowadays, who does not use electronic devices, such as a mobile phone or a computer, to find out the time? Something as basic as knowing what time it is, can become an adventure when you do not have a digital screen nearby. For that reason, having a traditional wall clock in your home or office is a detail, as well as decorative, very useful.

Being hanging on the partition, at a certain height and visible, will allow us to check the time at any time and in a comfortable way. Likewise, they can be an original gift for family or friends on specific dates.

How to choose the best wall clock for my home?

There is a wide variety of models of wall clocks, which can range from the most classic to the most modern. When buying a wall clock, just take into account the place where we intend to install it, and the characteristics of the furniture in our house or office, so that it is consistent with the style of the room.

In this way, we can find vintage style watches, for more traditional rooms. These can help create a harmonious and balanced environment. As well as other more rustic, ideal for decorating rural homes.

On the other hand, there are also wall clocks of a more current style, for houses or offices with a modern decoration. This type of watches will bring a fresh and rejuvenated touch to the room where we are going to install it.

Also, if you are going to decorate the room of the children of the house, there is a wide range of children's watches, more colorful and with drawings, which will delight children.

What are the characteristics of wall clocks?

• The clocks have always been rounded, but the most modern ones can be presented in infinite shapes. From more square or rectangular forms, others made with frames of photographs, and even clocks that will use the wall itself as a sphere, in which case both the numbers and the indicators are stuck directly on the partition of our room or are projected on it.

• In terms of size, we can buy a wall clock with a small dial to decorate one of the walls of our kitchen, or opt for a large dial to make it as colorful as an ornament on the dining room sofa.

• The materials in which the watches can be made are also different and varied. We find watches made of wood, plastic, metal or quartz, among others. Also, there are watches made with other types of elements, such as glass or mirror, which can bring a touch of personality to your stay.

• Regarding colors, we can choose from an extensive color range so that they can adapt as best as possible to the tonalities of the room we want to decorate.

• The clocks, in addition, can present different mechanisms of operation, and we can find them both analogical and digital, even pendulum or vertical clocks.

How to install a wall clock?

Wall clocks are very easy to install. The type of material determines its weight, but usually it is not very heavy elements, and can hang on the wall of one of the rooms of our home without danger of falling. Normally, they usually hang through a small nail that will go on the wall, at the height that suits us best. On it, we will slide the ring located in the back part of the sphere, until it is perfectly adjusted and firm.