Wall-Mounted Mirrors

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On many occasions, people wonder why cameras do not portray such an idyllic vision as mirrors return. For one thing or the other, mirrors can never be missing in a home. Whether in the bathroom, in the rooms, in the living room or at the entrance.

Types of wall mirrors

Wall mirrors can be classified into several groups depending on the criteria used. Depending on their shape, the wall mirrors can be round, square, abstract, oval, circular or rectangular. According to their size, there are small models, which are ideal to use as a decorative accessory, since their small dimensions are not very practical for day to day. Then there are the horizontal wall mirrors, which are usually placed on top of dressers or dressers. These models are not usually placed alone, but as a complement to other furniture. Finally, the verticals are the most practical when you want to obtain a full-body reflection. Due to its shape, it is a polyvalent element that fits in many empty spaces.

How to make the most of a mirror?

• The importance is in the frame: The frame is what really gives personality to a mirror, which makes the piece make the difference. In addition to the option to make it to measure, in the market you will find a wide variety of models manufactured in different materials. The most popular are those made of wood, plastic or stone, although in recent times the pieces made with recycled materials are booming.

• The mirror to give depth to a room: As the grandmothers would say, "is the trick of the almendruco". The optical illusions are very effective, and by placing a mirror in a strategic position you can get a room, a priori small and with poor lighting, win many points. In the case of a bedroom, that key point is usually placed on the head of the bed.

• The mirrors, the kings in the bathroom: The toilets are usually equipped with a double-sided wall mirror, a normal one and a magnifying mirror. When buying mirrors for the bathroom, the style should be consistent with the furniture. There are classic ones, in wood, with a metallic finish, marble or with refined edges.

• Mirrors in the garden, why not ?: Although the clearest point against them is that they will have to be cleaned very often, a mirror for exteriors will double the reflected space and grant light to the darkest areas. The ideal mirrors for the exterior are those of polished metals, plastic or acrylics, since in addition to having greater durability, they will not deform the reflection.

Why is it said that breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck?

The origin of the legend goes back to the Venice of the late fifteenth century, where large glass mirrors were the object of desire of the wealthiest families in the city of the canals. Its high economic cost caused the owners to threaten their employees with that, in case they broke one of the precious pieces, their punishment would be to amortize their value by donating their salary for seven years.