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Abandoned for years because it was considered old and old-fashioned, wallpaper has recently been rediscovered by the world of interior design. However, it is no longer a question of models on the walls of grandmothers' houses, of unthinkable tones and fantasies to compete with a horror film. Today wallpaper is the new alternative to boring white walls, not only to repaint walls in color but to create real settings where the set is the four walls of your home or your office.

Decorative or realistic wallpaper

The wallpaper gives everyone the opportunity to bring a piece of the world inside the walls of the house. Thanks to the many realistic images in XXL format, called photo murals, you can decorate entire walls by creating windows on external places and landscapes. You can surround yourself with tropical plants in an exotic forest or immerse yourself in the greenery of a jungle, dive into a field of flowers or look out on the shore of the sea while remaining in your own living room and even find yourself surrounded by stars and planets. There are so many possibilities to reinvent your room. Among the available wallpapers, in addition to those that reproduce breathtaking landscapes, there are decorations that can be used to recreate fake bookcases (complete with shelves, books and ornaments) or that reproduce ancient maps of the world. Not only: you can choose from a wide selection of decorative wallpapers that reproduce the effect of wood, exposed bricks and other elements, even with 3D effects.

Wallpaper for individuals and companies

Wallpaper is a very versatile product that can be used in both home and professional contexts, such as offices and shops. Thanks to the variety of images and decorative elements available, it can be used to change the look of a store, to make children's rooms magical with drawings of their favorite cartoons or to give character to the offices of companies that want to stimulate their creativity employees and welcome eventual clients in a colorful and pleasant environment: working will be more pleasant if surrounded by dream colors and photos. Furthermore, the luxury sector can use the most sophisticated models to redesign the spaces to be dedicated to customers and guests: from hotel rooms, to the walls of shops and yachts.

Characteristics and ways of using wallpaper

The commercially available wallpapers are of various types:

• In paper

• In fliseline, a special heat-adhesive fabric

• Photo wall murals

• In "non-woven" fabric, made of PVC

• In cork (useful for creating multi-functional blackboard walls on which to attach notes, photos and posters)

Most of the wallpapers on the market are washable and resistant to sunlight, therefore long lasting and easy to maintain. For the application you can use both specific glues, often offered in combination with the purchased wallpaper, and adjustable fastening tapes. To facilitate the gluing work it is possible to insert the roll of wallpaper in a metal roll holder: this will give stability and will allow you to work on your own in full autonomy, without the risk that the paper will be damaged and unrolled unnecessarily. Just apply the paper on top of the wall and unroll it slowly downwards. This will also avoid the formation of air bubbles and annoying wrinkles that can ruin the final result. As far as the removal is concerned, however, this is also very simple: it is not even necessary to use water due to the materials with which they are made today.

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