Washing Machines

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A washing machine can be found in almost every household. Whether you live alone, as a couple or with several family members, the laundry needs to be washed sooner or later. The purchase, however, is not quite cost-effective, so some considerations will precede. Should it be, for example, a top loader or a classic machine with a porthole?

The typical cycle of a wash

Due to the very mature technology of today's common washing machines, the washing process runs by itself. The multi-step process makes it possible to get even the most stubborn stains out of your clothes. • Soaking: For particularly difficult stains, some models have the function of soaking the clothes in a first wash. If this is not available, you can of course do it by hand. • Prewash: to rinse out the first dirt, such as dust. • Main wash: This takes the longest. Here the clothes are washed thoroughly. • Rinsing: In several rinsing processes, the dissolved dirt is rinsed out. • Softening: In the final rinse process, the fabric softener may be added, which will adhere to the clothing. • Spin: Here, the so far dripping wet laundry is thrown to a wet condition.

Common in households: the drum washing machine

Most households have a drum washing machine. These are divided into top loaders, which have their opening on top of the washing machine, and the front loaders or portholes, which opens from the front. Both models have their advantages and disadvantages in different aspects, such as capacity, size and width, and functionality. Modern devices also offer a so-called Aquasensor and Aquastop. The sensor makes it possible to adjust the number of rinses to the degree of contamination. For this purpose, the turbidity of the wash liquor is illuminated. The Aquastop prevents water damage by a safety valve automatically disconnecting the water supply should there be a leak in the inlet hose. In case of water leakage, a few devices additionally activate the drainage pump, which prevents further leakage of the entire caustic solution.