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Do you know this wonderful feeling when you lie down in a waterbed? If you think that the mattress filled with water is an invention of the present, then you are wrong. Already in the 18th and 19th century nomads used a kind of waterbed in the desert. Sewn-on animal skins served as an important water reserve during the day, while at night they were used as a warm sleeping pad. Since the 60s, the bed of water has found worldwide recognition and is also popular in Germany. In recent years, the offer has increased enormously, so you can choose from a wide range of different models here. Additionally you will find waterbeds - accessories.

How do waterbeds work? These are a water core and a special cover. A distinction is made between Softside and Harside, the Masterpiece and lightweights. With the variant Softside the water core can be installed in every bed. In the hardside, the filled water core is held by a sturdy bed frame. Also possible is a cushioned bed, the Masterpiece, which combines the ideal features of hard and soft-siding. Many consumers who own a waterbed do not want to give it away anymore. Because here you sleep restful and the body receives the desired relief of the spine. They lie under full load on even body length, so that no pressure points can arise.

The advantages of a waterbed convince with strong arguments. They are very hygienic - you can remove the fabric cover and wash, the surface is simply wiped with a damp cloth. They are also ideal for house dust allergy sufferers, because mites can not settle here. With simple accessories you can care for the water in the mattress itself - a conditioner is placed in the mattress. This maintenance effort is necessary only once to a maximum of twice a year and is therefore limited. Order accessories for your waterbed here.
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