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A meteorological station is an instrument that detects the physical conditions of the atmosphere for meteorological or climatic purposes. There are analog and digital models; the latter are equipped with the most modern technologies to provide accurate weather forecasts, wherever they are used.

Among the main parameters that a meteorological station is able to measure there are temperature, air pressure, atmospheric humidity, wind speed and direction and the amount of rain. Most digital indoor weather stations also function as a clock and clock radio.

Characteristics of weather stations

The weather stations available on the market are equipped with a luminous display. The screen shows all the data at the same time, using easy to read icons and values. Once set, a meteorological station operates autonomously, also providing for the automatic updating of the time.

The sensors that a meteorological station is equipped with determine its accuracy; positioning them correctly outside is important for the instrument to work well. The number of sensors, which are battery powered, is variable. To have a wide range of climate information, you need to focus on a multi-sensor model. However, it is always possible to buy compatible sensors to add later.

Some weather stations have extra features, including weather forecasts for the next 24 hours or alarms in the event of heavy rainfall or particularly low or high temperatures.

On the market there are also meteorological stations of futuristic design that communicate the data collected to smartphones and tablets. This typology also provides information on the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, revealing itself to monitor the level of pollution inside the home.

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