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The wind vane is a device intended to indicate the direction of the wind. Made of wrought iron, copper or zinc, it can be placed on a roof or in a garden. Historically, the look of the wind vane informed travelers about the occupation of the homeowner. Thus, these small masterpieces served as signs to signal a baker, a blacksmith or a charcuterie. In the Middle Ages, the wind vane was reserved for an elite and indicated the social position of its holder.

How does a wind vane work?

The wind vane consists of a fixed vertical axis, overhung by a pointer that turns with the wind. This vertical axis consists of a directional cross indicating the cardinal points. As for the pointer, it usually represents the cut-out silhouette of a farm animal or a trade. Nowadays, weathervanes come in classic models, like the rooster, or more original, like the plane. In any case, be it a rooster, fisherman or bee, know that it is the thinnest part of the pointer, namely the tip of the arrow or the beak of the rooster, which indicates the wind direction.

How to choose a wind vane?

- Opt for a weather vane wall mount, easier to install, to add a touch of country to the decoration of your garden.

- Favor a model on foot to be able to move it according to your desires.

- Let yourself be tempted by a witch vane to bring a touch of originality to your outdoors.