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Weight bench for targeted muscle training at home

The weight bench is one of the most popular devices in the fitness area. The device allows a flexible training for men and women. You can adjust the training device in different positions and adapt it to your individual training plan. For strength training you use dumbbells whose weights can be adjusted to the training.

Weight benches can be ideal for training at home. You have a choice of different models that differ in size and features. Weight benches can be bought individually or in combination with a dumbbell set. You do not need a large footprint at home because when you're not using it, you can easily and quickly fold the exercise machine together.

How does a weight bench work?

The weight bench allows a versatile training of different muscle groups, which you can plan individually. For training, take a seat on the weight bench. You can adjust the position so that you can take a comfortable posture for you. The seat is narrow and padded. An insensitive synthetic leather is used, which you can moisten and wipe clean. The seat consists of two parts. Take a seat on the lower part. The upper part can be adjusted in inclination. You can lie flat during your weight training or you can keep your upper body high. If you want to sit upright during your weight training, you can also adjust this position.

Weight benches are suitable for training with barbells or dumbbells. It is advantageous if you know before buying the training device, which dumbbells you want to train. There are special weight benches, which have a storage area for barbells. This is very beneficial during the workout. If you use dumbbells for training, you can also opt for a weight bench without a barbell tray.

Large weight benches are equipped with integrated dumbbells and are suitable for intensive strength training. These models are significantly larger and heavier in design. They can not be folded. If you decide to buy such a model, you will need sufficient floor space in a basement, gym or in a large bedroom.

How to choose the right weight bench?

- What features should a weight bench have? Pay attention to an adjustable seat with a cover made of a durable material. For training with barbells, a special storage space makes sense. If you have limited space to set up the weight bench, you should choose a model that can be folded when not in use.

- How is the weight bench delivered? Upon delivery, the weight bench is folded. Before you can start the first training, you have to build up the weight bench. An exception are large weight benches with integrated weights. These models can not be folded up small and are delivered as bulky goods.

- Which accessories are useful for the use of a weight bench? You need a selection of dumbbells that should have different weights. Make sure that you can combine the weight plates individually. In this way it is possible to make the training very flexible. If several people use the exercise equipment, dumbbells with individual weight plates are also recommended.

- What needs to be considered in terms of body weight? Weight benches can be used up to a certain maximum weight. This is most of the models between 120 and 160 kg and so they are suitable for almost all people.