Weight Plates

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Resistance training with dumbbells can often be found in strength training, weightlifting or bodybuilding. With short or long dumbbells and the appropriate weight plates, the muscles are specifically strained and thus built.

Which material is best?

Weight plates are available in a wide variety of materials. Each of them brings its own advantages and disadvantages.

• Cast iron weight plates are relatively cheap to buy, but they are also very loud when you drop them. For use in an apartment, they may therefore be unsuitable.

• Full chrome weight plates can be found at the other end of the price scale. These are pretty noisy, but visually make a lot. Many fans of strength training therefore appreciate them as a kind of decorative element.

• A mixture of the materials already mentioned are the chrome-plated dumbbells, which are cast-iron but chrome-plated. These can be a great alternative if you do not want to spend so much money on full-chrome weight plates.

• Solid rubber discs are just as effective as cast iron or chrome discs, but are much quieter. In addition, they protect the ground. In gyms you can often find cast-iron dumbbells with rubber cover.

What should be considered when training with weight plates

Unfortunately, accidents happen again and again in the dumbbell training, because tips and instructions are not properly followed. Especially beginners should keep the weight of the weight plates low. Similarly, at the beginning, a few repetitions and sentences are sufficient.

For an effective workout to build muscle, the right combination of weight of weight plates, type of exercise, number of repetitions and changing exercises is important. A proper interaction will bring you an even muscle growth and an increase in fitness. But even here it is important not to overstrain the body. Healthy and gentle training takes time, otherwise you run the risk of seriously injuring yourself.