Wet Waxes

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Who understands cars knows that, when caring for a vehicle, it is as important to pay attention to its interior as to its exterior. The body is the face of our car and, although we wash it regularly, from time to time it requires more specific care, such as the application of wax.

What is the use of wax for cars?

Car wax has as its main function to protect the paint from agents such as radiation, air pollution and other elements that can damage the body, such as mud or bird droppings. In addition to protecting, the wax is what gives the characteristic shine of most car bodies, and facilitates the cleaning of the vehicle.

What types of wet waxes can we find?

We can find three different types of wet waxes:

• Natural: This type of waxes are the most recommended for dark colored cars, since they give more depth to the tone of the vehicle. They are composed, generally, by Carnauba, a natural wax that is obtained from the leaves of a plant, and must be applied with greater frequency than the synthetic ones.

• Synthetic: These offer longer protection and are recommended for bodies painted with light colors. They are formed by polymers and are very efficient at protecting against oxidation.

How should liquid wax be applied in vehicles?

For greater efficiency, the vehicle should be located in a lighted place, but in the shade, preventing the sun from heating the body. The only thing to do is apply a few drops on a microfiber cloth and spread the product evenly throughout the vehicle. After this, we must wait for it to dry, and once dry, we remove the remaining leftovers with another cloth.