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Wheelbarrows surely know you from childhood. How many times did you meet after school with your schoolmates and neighbors and organize a wheelbarrow race? The wheelbarrow is one of the oldest tools to transport heavy items from A to B. Nevertheless, there are many more uses than many think.

What wheelbarrows can be used for

First of all, there are wheelbarrows of various sizes. Most of them are especially suitable for transporting sand, stones or small amounts of excavated material. However, you can use wheelbarrows not only on the construction site or in the garden for cleaning up, but also in agriculture, for example, to transport straw or animal feed, to clear out the barn or to transport other small parts.

In addition to the traditional wheelbarrows that everyone knows, there are now motorized wheelbarrows that make it even easier to transport your building materials, materials and miscellaneous. As a result, you have almost no energy and power to spend, even on steep slopes and uphills.

Which wheelbarrow is suitable for your project

As already described, wheelbarrows are suitable for the transport of all building materials and small parts and find great use especially in agriculture.

If you work on the construction, especially larger wheelbarrows are suitable because you probably have to bring not only sand, but also larger stones and building rubble from A to B.

In addition to size, other factors can be different and important to you if you choose a particular wheelbarrow.

First, there are different bowl dimensions that can vary from wheelbarrow to wheelbarrow.

Also of great relevance is the weight and the capacity of a wheelbarrow. Most wheelbarrows weigh between 12 and 15.5 kilograms, with the capacity expressed in liters and usually between eighty and one hundred liters.

Depending on the purpose for which you use the wheelbarrow, above all the load is decisive. There are wheelbarrows with a payload of 150 kilograms and others that can withstand up to 250 kilograms. If you only need a wheelbarrow for your hobby garden, probably a smaller and therefore lighter wheelbarrow will do.

If you work in agriculture or construction, then a larger wheelbarrow is right for you, because you're transporting not just building materials and straw, but possibly equipment that should fit in the wheelbarrow.

Of course, there are wheelbarrows in endless colors and materials - the choice is up to your personal taste!

What to look out for when using a wheelbarrow

If you have ever used a wheelbarrow, you know what we are talking about. Pushing the wheelbarrow requires skill and practice. First of all, you need enough power to get the wheelbarrow moving. In addition, it is important that the load in the wheelbarrow is balanced and that the largest load is stored above the wheel. And finally, it is still necessary for you to have control of the wheelbarrow and keep it so that it does not tip over or roll you away should it go downhill.

Nonetheless, anyone with a bit of strength and skill can use a wheelbarrow expertly without doing the impossible.

However, if you find it difficult to balance the wheelbarrow, there are wheelbarrows on two wheels that can make your use of it a lot easier, especially if you need to transport heavy cargo.