Wind Deflectors

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They allow air to circulate, protect from direct currents when you proceed with open windows, save on air conditioning and increase visibility, reducing dirt and avoiding windows fogging: the wind deflectors will make you rediscover the pleasure of traveling and , with their style, will greatly improve the aesthetics of your vehicle.

How to install air deflectors

The deflectors, in addition to being very useful and pleasant to see, are also simple and quick to assemble. To proceed with the installation, which is carried out without the use of tools, except for any brackets present in the package, you must first open the window to the maximum to clean the inside of the gasket with a non-foaming detergent. At this point, you will be able to remove the paper protections from the double-sided adhesive parts, being careful not to touch them with your hands. Then, after the insertion of the bracket, if included, you will pass to introduce the deflector in the gasket channel, first at the low end of the door and then on the opposite side. Only then will you be able to arrange the central part, which will have to fit into place. Finally, after eventually passing the bracket along the window, you will have to close it and wait from one to twenty-four hours before finally experiencing the comfort of your new deflector.

How to choose air deflectors

- Check the size, color, number of pieces and compatibility with your car model

- To ensure a quality product, focus on original accessories in shockproof and scratch resistant materials and check compliance with ISO certifications

- For maximum practicality, make sure that the windbreaks are suitable for automatic washing systems
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