Windbreak Curtains

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Originally, the windshield curtain was used to slow the entry of wind into a room. Nowadays, this accessory is no longer limited to this utility. Straight or scalloped, with or without pompom, this small curtain makes it possible to affirm the style of its decoration. Finally, last but not least: the windbreak guarantees you a certain privacy, without cutting you off from the environment around you.

What fabric for a windbreak?

Windbreak curtains are available in many materials. Offering a soft fall, the cheesecloth is a thin and light fabric. Appreciated for its delicacy, it can be embellished with refined embroidery. Made from synthetic materials, the organza can flood a room of light. Silky in appearance, it offers a subtle decoration. Crease-resistant, polyester is characterized by its naturally brilliant shine. Light and airy, it will allow you to play on the contrasts of your room according to your desires. Finally, the linen windbreak allows to sift the light with simplicity and authenticity.

How to choose your curtains?

- Measure the windows you want to decorate small curtains and take into consideration the part you want to hide: only half of the window, two thirds or all.

- Choose the material of your brise-bise according to the degree of brightness desired.

- Think about the curtain heads: do you prefer legs, frills or knots to hang the curtains?

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