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A curtain is much more than a fabric drape used to protect from the sun and outside looks. It is in fact an element that becomes increasingly central in furnishing projects, capable of improving the aesthetics of the room while protecting it from light. Depending on the case and needs, the tent can be used to shade the spaces or to make a corner of the house more lively which would otherwise be anonymous. Every room and every window has their ideal curtain that comes from the perfect combination of material, size and appearance. In most cases, interior curtains are made of natural fabrics, as is the case with classic curtains with valances, in cotton or linen, or for draped models. However, there are also options in synthetic fabric or plastic materials: this is the case, for example, of a Venetian curtain, a folding curtain or, again, a panel curtain.

What are panel curtains?

The panel curtain is a modern and versatile solution to furnish easily every room in the house or office. As the name suggests, it is composed of one or more rigid panels, in one color or decorated. Each of them is installed on a special stick or on a sliding structure equipped with a track and can therefore be moved at will to modulate the quantity of light as desired. This type of curtain is particularly useful in the presence of large rooms and large windows. The appearance of the panel curtain must be selected with great care, to make sure it is suitable for the style chosen for your home. In the presence of minimal furnishings dominated by soft nuances, you can dare with colorful curtains, while a curtain in neutral tones and with delicate decorations is more suitable when furniture, floors and accessories already give the room a strong personality. The panel curtain is among the most versatile structures: its size can be adapted to the size of the window on which it will be mounted and the fabric parts can be easily replaced when you want to change the look of the room. For an even more personalized result, the degree of rigidity of the panels can also be changed, so that in every season there is always optimal coverage.

How to choose curtains?

- The first thing to do to be able to choose the right awning for interior is to take the measurements of the window and decide which is the most appropriate type of curtain for the room

- Choose a color or a pattern of the curtain that is consistent with the decor and personality of the room. The cheerful and colorful patterns, for example, are perfect for children's rooms, while hand-embroidered curtains or with refined prints are ideally placed in living rooms and salons with an elegant and refined look

- Even the orientation of the window can be an important factor to consider. If you need to protect yourself from the intense light of the sun, it is preferable to move towards thicker fabrics and structures capable of reducing the amount of light entering; on the contrary, dim rooms can be furnished with light curtains and light colors, in order to amplify the perception of natural light